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It was in CR suggestion box; but thought I'd ask your opinion....<br><br>
(not leaning that way just wanted to put it here and see what you say)<br><br>
Link:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Hi Rich!<br>
My thoughts: I would hesitate to move in that direction if I were you. I suspect it could open you up to liability. And really eBay et al are better sites for this sort of commerce, anyways, for your user base because of the traffic they draw.<br><br>
If anything, Kicksters could be encouraged to provide a link to their gear up for sale on craigslist, eBay, etc on the Expo board. Maybe you can provide a sticky there for shameless merchandise promotion like the Shameless Thread Promotion thread in the PRT.

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I agree with everything said above.

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where did my reply go? i wrote a very long reply, was it removed?

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They can link to their stuff for sale on other sites though.

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Okay, i will repost my post then. maybe it was too long?<br>
I go to another website where they have a "swapmeet" forum. This is a place to trade or sell exercise videos/dvds and equiptment, etc. there is a section on there that has the rules, and a link to a list of "bad people" who have screwed people on the site. Does not happen often, but it does happen, this is the real world. It is a membership site, so i will just cut and paste the stuff here.<br><br><i><br>
Welcome to the Swapmeet!<br><br>
Please try to limit your swap listings to one thread per person.<br><br>
Multiple listings for the same person means all threads will roll off to page 2 more quickly. Please be considerate of others using the Swapmeet. Thank you.<br><br><br>
>>> BAD TRADER LIST <<< (Last updated Jul 14 2006)<br><br><br>
This is a "Buyer Beware" swap area, where you are allowed to buy, sell or trade videos and other second-hand items. For the most part, swaps occur without any problems. On rare occasions, however, there is the potential for lost mail, a less-than-honest person on the other end of the deal, or some other unforeseen circumstance. Before getting involved in any trade, sale or purchase, be certain that you understand the other person's conditions, that you're comfortable dealing with them, and that you're willing to accept any risk involved with the transaction.<br><br>
SASE stands for "self-addressed stamped envelope". Basically, the item is being offered for free. You just need to provide/cover the postage and packaging materials.<br><br>
If your question is not answered here, feel free to start a new thread on Fitness Chatter or Open Chatter.<br>
1. Swap Tips & Etiquette<br><br>
~ General Tips & Etiquette ~<br><br>
1. We do not limit the conditions under which a trade, sale or purchase may be listed. If you're uncomfortable with a certain type of listing, such as a "silent auction", we ask that you simply not participate in those particular listings.<br><br>
2. Links to auctions (such as on eBay) or other sale items are discouraged on our board. Any auction/sale item links that are posted on the Swapmeet will be removed.<br><br>
3. Retail or commercial listings are not allowed on the Swapmeet. If you are a distributor of fitness equipment of some sort, you may promote your product on the Wise Buys forum<br><br>
4. Please do NOT post your swap listing on someone else's thread. It's ok to direct someone to your listing by posting the title or link to your own Swapmeet thread.<br><br></i>

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~ Buyer/Trader Tips & Etiquette ~<br><br>
1. Get the Facts<br><br>
a) Thoroughly read the listing and ask all questions before committing to a trade or purchase. If the price, shipping method, packaging, tape condition or any other pertinent information is not included on the listing, ask the seller/trader for this information either on the listing or via PM/email.<br><br><br>
2. Payment<br><br>
a) Ensure that the payment and envelope are correctly addressed. One wrong digit in a zip code can make a big difference.<br><br>
b) Ensure that the address is legible!<br><br>
c) Use a form of payment that can be traced and, if necessary, replaced/refunded (such as a USPS money order).<br><br>
d) Consider sending your payment with USPS Delivery Confirmation or by Registered Mail with Return Receipt.<br><br>
e) Keep all of your receipts. USPS receipts will list the date, package weight and destination zip code. In addition, services such as Delivery Confirmation and Registered Mail with Return Receipt also provide receipts.<br><br><br>
3. Communication<br><br>
a) Answer all emails promptly or say you need more time to make a decision. If someone emails a trade/sale request that you're not interested in, just email an "I'm not interested in that trade. Thanks for the offer."<br><br>
b) Notify the seller when payment has been sent.<br><br>
c) Notify the seller/trader when you have received your item(s).<br><br><br><br>
~ Seller/Trader Tips & Etiquette ~<br><br>
1. Your Swap Listing<br><br>
a) Within your swap listing, disclose as much information as possible about the item(s) for trade/sale, including price, condition, cover, age, prior ownership, etc. If a tape is a white cover only, old cover, damaged cover, or no cover, note this in your listing.<br><br>
b) Within your swap listing, state which forms of payment will be accepted (i.e. Paypal, Money Order, personal check).<br><br>
c) Give your post an informative title. "CSM, Vol 1, Bootcamp, etc. for sale/trade" is more likely to garner attention than "Firms for sale" or "Trade list" amidst several pages of Swapmeet posts.<br><br>
d) If you cross-post your swap listing on other forums, keep accurate records of which item goes to whom.<br><br><br>
2. Packaging<br><br>
a) Rewind the tape before you mail it.<br><br>
b) Always DOUBLE-check to see that the right tape is in the right cover. It's no fun to receive the wrong tape in the right cover.<br><br>
c) Pack the tape properly with padding or in a box so it has some protection.<br><br>
d) It's nice to enclose a card in your package, thanking your buyer/trader for the exchange.<br><br>
e) Include the full destination address on a post-it or note inside the parcel. This ensures that, if the package is damaged or opened and searched and the wrapper is lost, the contents might still make it.<br><br>
f) Cute stickers on the package bring a smile to everyone along the package's route. (One person's mom works for the post office and gave them this idea. She said that cute packages get better treatment en route.)<br><br><br>
3. Mailing of Item(s)<br><br>
a) Ensure that the package is correctly addressed. One wrong digit in a zip code can make a big difference.<br><br>
b) Ensure that the address is legible!<br><br>
c) Use proper postage!<br><br>
d) It's a good idea to pay the extra amount for Delivery Confirmation. On the part of the receipt that you keep, you can write the trader info and the tapes you've mailed. The PO stamps the date on it, so you have a nice record of trades made. Then email the Confirmation Number to the trader so that s/he can track the package, too.<br><br>
e) Consider offering the buyer/trader the option of having the package insured, since loss and damage can occur while the package is in transit. Currently, the USPS charges $1.30 per $50 of value.<br><br>
f) Keep all of your receipts. USPS receipts will list the date, package weight and destination zip code. In addition, services such as Delivery Confirmation and Registered Mail with Return Receipt also provide receipts.<br><br><br><br><br><br></i>

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<i>4. Communication<br><br>
a) Answer all emails promptly or say you need more time to make a decision. If someone emails a trade/sale request that you're not interested in, just email an "I'm not interested in that trade. Thanks for the offer."<br><br>
b) Always keep the buyer/trader updated on the progress of your trade/sale.<br><br>
c) Notify the buyer when payment has been received.<br><br>
d) Notify the buyer/trader when you have actually mailed their item(s). When possible, always mail the item(s) promptly. When not possible, let the buyer/trader know when the item(s) will be mailed. If a mailing date is set and there is a delay in your post office trip for whatever reason, email the buyer/trader to let them know.<br><br>
e) Follow up on the trade/sale to ensure that the item was received.<br><br><br><br><br>
New Post Welcome to the Swapmeet!<br>
2. When There's a Problem<br><br>
Be advised that the Administrators are not responsible for mediating disputes, and cannot be held accountable for bad trades/sales. Also, please keep in mind that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes things happen beyond our control. The other person may be delayed or unable to complete a transaction for various reasons, including family emergency, illness, computer or ISP problems, natural disaster, etc. So it's in everyone's best interest to give the other person the benefit of the doubt until you have all the facts regarding a less-than-desirable swap experience.<br><br><br>
If you do encounter a problem with a swap<br><br>
a) Try to contact the other person via PM, email or on the original Swapmeet listing.<br><br>
b) Start a thread on the Swapmeet Forum with the person’s username and, perhaps, first name in the thread title asking for a response. Never use the person’s last name or any other identifying information. Request that an Administrator sticky the thread. Once you receive a response, continue your discussion privately via e-mail. It’s possible the Administrators can assist with a private discussion.<br><br>
c) If there is no response to the online contact, send a letter via Certified Mail, keeping a copy of the letter and receipts.<br><br>
d) If there is still no response, check into having your payment tracked and (hopefully) refunded. For example, have the USPS check into a money order you got through them.<br><br>
e) When all else fails, feel free to post a thread on the Open Chatter forum asking for help or suggestions from everyone. Please do NOT disclose the name of the other person involved, since there is no way of knowing whether or not the person's actions are deliberate.<br><br><br>
Bad Traders and Administrator Intervention<br><br>
Note that the following does not mean the Administrators are here to mediate all disputes.<br><br>
Those accused of using our Swapmeet to engage in serious, intentional and obvious bad-faith trading will be contacted by the Administrators for further investigation. If intentional bad-faith trading is proven, the person will be added to our Bad Trader list, told to make good on all bad trades, and warned that further bad-faith trading will result in banning.<br><br>
Repeat offenses following proper warning, as well as illegal activity, will result in immediate banning. Banning will also come with a warning that returning to our board in any way will result in reporting the person to the proper authorities, including but not limited to ezboard's legal department, the person's Internet Service Provider, the person's email provider, the United States Postal Service and/or the police department in the person's home town. The person's information will also be shared with other boards/forums, including The FIRM, FitPrime, KBT/Fitness Fusion, MUM and Video Fitness.<br><br><br>
New Post Welcome to the Swapmeet!<br>
3. Postal Rates<br><br>
Following are the basics of the 3 main types of rates for Domestic delivery, as of Jun 30, 2002. For more info: USPS Domestic Postage Rates and Fees<br><br>
For International info: USPS International Rates and Fees<br><br>
If you do a lot of mailing, it may be worth it to buy a small scale, weigh your packages, and go to the USPS website (Domestic Calculator) and calculate your postage using different options (media mail, parcel post, etc.) so you'll be an informed mailer when you go to the PO to mail. Even if you end up buying small boxes instead of using the PO's free ones, you're likely going to come out ahead on the combined cost of the box (and tape) and the postage.<br>
(suggestion courtesy of Martha E)<br><br>
First Class Mail<br><br>
-- Maximum weight allowed is 13 ounces.<br><br>
-- First ounce ........... $0.37 (increased from $0.34)<br>
-- Each add'l ounce ... $0.23 (unchanged)<br><br>
A 13 oz package with Delivery Confirmation = 3.13 + 0.55 = $3.68.<br><br>
Priority Mail<br><br>
-- Maximum size is 108" in combined length and distance around the thickest part.<br>
-- Mark each package "Priority Mail" in the postage area or use a USPS-provided Priority Mail envelope or box.<br>
-- Offers 1-3 day service to most domestic destinations.<br>
-- Priority Mail envelopes, labels, and boxes are available at no additional charge at most post offices or by calling 1-800-222-1811.<br><br>
-- Up to 1# ... $3.85<br>
-- Up to 2# ... $3.95 to $5.75 (depending on zone)<br>
-- Up to 3# ... $4.75 to $8.55 (depending on zone)<br>
-- Up to 4# ... $5.30 to $10.35 (depending on zone)<br>
-- Up to 5# ... $5.85 to $12.15 (depending on zone)<br>
-- Over 5# .... see USPS Domestic Rate Calculator<br><br>
-- Packages that weigh less than 15# but measure more than 84" in combined length and distance around the thickest part are charged the applicable rate for a 15-pound parcel.<br><br>
-- The Zone Chart Program provides a 1-page zone chart for your origin ZIP Code.<br><br>
A 0-1# package with Delivery Confirmation = 3.85 + 0.45 = $4.30.<br><br>
Packages over 1# could get into some pretty steep prices.<br><br>
Media Mail (a.k.a. Book Rate)<br><br>
-- Maximum size is 108" in combined length and distance around the thickest part.<br>
-- Mark each package "Media Mail" in the postage area.<br><br>
-- Up to 1# ... $1.42<br>
-- Up to 2# ... $1.84<br>
-- Up to 3# ... $2.26<br>
-- Up to 4# ... $2.68<br>
-- Up to 5# ... $3.10<br>
-- Over 5# .... see USPS Domestic Rates and Fees<br><br>
A 0-1# package with Delivery Confirmation = 1.42 + 0.55 = $1.97.<br><br>
Delivery Confirmation<br><br>
-- Track your package at: USPS Track and Confirm<br><br>
Retail Rates:<br>
-- First Class Mail ... $0.55<br>
-- Media Mail ......... $0.55<br>
-- Priority Mail ....... $0.45<br><br>
Electronic Rates (*):<br>
-- First Class Mail ... $0.13<br>
-- Media Mail ......... $0.13<br>
-- Priority Mail ........ Free!!<br><br>
(*) The Electronic Rates are available for mailers who use online Shipping Labels or have established an electronic link with the Postal Service to exchange acceptance and delivery information data. To set it up, go to USPS Shipping Assistant and download their program to do delivery confirmation electronically. Follow the instructions carefully. You have to register the program before you can print out the barcodes.<br><br>
Shipping Assistant will also calculate the postage for you. Enter addresses and weight.<br><br><br>
New Post Welcome to the Swapmeet!<br>
4. Important Paypal Information<br><br>
The following is courtesy of Mary Ann (a.k.a. lil Miss Firmie).<br><br>
Here's some info I have regarding Paypal accounts. Folks may not be aware that when they attach their account to a credit card, this is what happens to the person you're paying if they have a (free) Personal Account. I added the frown and smiley to accent the importance of the two sentences in the 2nd paragraph, but aside from that the following is copied from the Paypal site:<br><br>
Quote:The ability to accept credit card funded payments is reserved for Premier and Business accounts. To accept this payment, please upgrade your account now.<br><br>
If you upgrade your account, you will receive a range of premium features in addition to the ability to accept unlimited credit card payments. The fees on incoming payments are low – just 2.9% + 30¢ to receive payments. <img alt="sad.gif" src=""> If you deny this payment, you may continue to receive money from Paypal members who use a bank account or their Paypal balance to fund the payment. To continue to receive payments for free, <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> make sure that the people who pay you fund their payments with their Paypal balance or with a bank account.<br><br><br>
So, this is the reason you'll find some posters stipulating "banking account transfers only" if they accept Paypal for payment.<br><br><br>
The PayPal User Agreement states:<br><br>
Quote:No Surcharges<br>
Under Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express regulations and the laws of several states, including California, merchants may not charge a fee to the buyer for accepting credit card payments (often called a "surcharge" ).<br><br>
You agree that you will not impose a surcharge or any other fee for accepting PayPal as payment. This restriction does not prevent you from imposing a handling fee in connection with the sale of goods or services, as long as the handling fee does not operate as a surcharge (in other words, the handling fee for transactions paid through PayPal may not be higher than the handling fee for transactions paid through other payment methods). Nor does this restriction apply to Pound-denominated transactions by sellers residing in the United Kingdom listing items for sale on a UK-based website.<br><br><br>
According to this portion of the User Agreement, you are not allowed to charge another PayPal user a surcharge for using PayPal as payment, just as a merchant may not charge credit card holders a surcharge for using the credit card as payment.<br><br>
Should you have any questions or problems regarding this issue, please contact PayPal directly.<br>
The Firm Ya Ya Administrators will not intervene in or mediate these issues.<br></i>
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