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Is Running Rotting my Teeth!!!

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When I went dentist recently she was surprised how rotten one of my teeth had become in such a short time and questioned me about diet. I have no suger in hot drinks, and don't eat mints. However, due to my marathon training which started last summer, I now eat alot more fruit, drink alot more isotonic drinks and eat jelly babies on long runs.<br><br>
When I went back this morning, she told me that unless I address my diet quickly, I will be having alot more dental treatment and it will be costly.<br><br>
Please help.......<br><br>
Are some fruits more acidic than others?<br>
Would I be better taking jells with water and cutting out the isotonic drinks and jelly babies?<br>
What else can I do?<br><br>
I don't want false teeth inside 3 years!!!
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As one who just completed a $3000+ dental implant, I feel your pain.<br><br>
Drinking lots of water and brushing your teeth a few times a day should help with your diet issues.<br><br>
I think sports drink is a big problem, especially during long runs. You take a swig of that sweet stuff, and then breath through your mouth so it dries on your teeth. If possible, leave the sports drink at home, except for your long runs. I'm just guessing, but it might be better to go with a gel and water approach so you can at least rinse after downing the get.<br><br>
I wonder if the non-fructose drinks might be better. Perhaps some of the Hammer products which are less sweet.<br><br>
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