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Ironman-branded races

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<p>I just found out there will be a new Ironman 70.3 next fall in the Poconos (so quite close to me). Sounds interesting... Is there any reason to do an IM-branded race? I was planning to do another half next fall, but the new one could be more interesting. Just not sure what the incentives are in general to do an official IM race.</p>
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<p>T3, there was an article online (<a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color:#CC6600;"></span></a> ) about a week or so ago talking about the proposal that was out there to have a 70.3 race in the Poconos.  I don't believe that they officially announced it yet though, have they?  As for the allure with doing an IM branded race, I still haven't done one yet, so I don't really know.  I suspect that most people will say that it cost about $75 more and a typical Half Iron distance race, but you get a very well run race (remember Jerseyman 2008?).</p>
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<p>Once it is a definite, I will probably sign up for it.  It would probably only be an hour or so from my house and I would like to try an IM branded 70.3.</p>
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