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Ironman-branded races

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<p>I just found out there will be a new Ironman 70.3 next fall in the Poconos (so quite close to me). Sounds interesting... Is there any reason to do an IM-branded race? I was planning to do another half next fall, but the new one could be more interesting. Just not sure what the incentives are in general to do an official IM race.</p>
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<p>If you like a lot of people, lot of hype, IM is for you!  I think 70.3's are probably pushing $300 dollars now, yes?  I have only done one IM 70.3 and one full IM, and I realized that if I ever do an IM brand race again, it's probably b/c I *really* want to have to race that specific course (like the idea of the LP and CDA courses).  The crowds of people were somewhat of a turn-off for me.  Many people love this though, but I just have found I prefer much smaller races.  I certainly did not think the swag, aid stations, etc., were any better at the IM branded race than the independents that I have done, but you do get tons more crowd support.  Take my opinion with a grain of salt, however, as I am an extreme introvert when it comes to racing <img alt="" src="" style="width:16px;height:16px;" title=""></p>
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