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Iron Chef Revisited: Broccoli!!!!

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OK, peeps.....I see we let our Iron Chef weekly threads fall to the wayside, and now that fall is upon us, I bet a lot more of us will be back in the kitchen since it's cool enough to be slaving over pots and casseroles and all manner of comfort foods.<br><br>
I've been craving broccoli lately and am dying to find some new things to do with it. Turn your creativity loose and share your favorite recipes!<br><br>
For our newer foodie friends, we were doing this every week as a takeoff on the Food Channel Iron Chef show. Each week we pick a new ingredient and everyone has to either share a favorite recipe using it, or if you have time, make one up, try it and share. If you have suggestions for future week's ingredients, please feel free to start a thread at the beginning of any week.<br><br>
Past ingredients we have already done include: pears, winter squash, quinoa and peaches, and there are great recipe ideas in each of those threads.<br><br>
So, let's get cooking. In the words of our chairman:<br><br>
ALLEZ CUISINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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