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Hiya Reb!!<br><br>
Glad to hear that you survived the race and did very very well!!<br><br>
My time was crappy the heat and the hills kind of killed me but I think we halfers had a much better time of it than the full people. My husband said that there was no powerade on the course and he had to make due with water and his gels. It wasn't his worst marathon but certainly not his best.<br><br>
We also had the marta problem and had to stop one up from the 5 points stop. That may be peachtree center. Did it have a really long escalator? Because that's the one we had to take and the escalator had too many people on it, stopped about halfway and then started to go backwards!<br><br>
Anyway I wish I could have caught up to afterwards. It was a very long day for us though.<br><br>
Congrats again!!! Great Time!!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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