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I have a bum knee that also prohibits most crosstraining. The only thing I can do without fear of aggravating it is incline walking on the TM.<br><br>
I almost never run more than twice a week. If it's a "good" week I'll do a 1 hr tempo session midweek, and a 20-25 miler (or marathon or ultra) on the weekend, with everything else being TM walking - maybe 8 hrs worth. When my knee is acting up, I'll do nothing but walking between marathons. I'm guessing that between my last marathon on Feb 4th and my next 50K on the 24th I'll run exactly zero miles, and walk for 30-35 hrs total, all at 10-15% grade.<br><br>
I'm not suggesting that what I do is a great plan, just that you can work around limitations, and that the % of weekly mileage thing is not an absolute rule.<br><br>
Or maybe it is: I could explode in a giant green fireball tomorrow. <img alt="bom.gif" src="">
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