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I have one cruddy knee that hasn't much padding left inside so I don't run much at all - only inside at soccer on the soft turf ( with knee brace) or outside on grass.<br>
However there are a couple of exercises they gave me to do to strengthen the muscles around the knee and thus the stability.<br><br>
The version I have of the exercise above was just to balance on one leg for 30 or more seconds. This also ahs been given to my daughter when she kept turning her ankle. So it helps all the leg muscles. It's also good because you can do it anywhere- in line at the store etc.<br><br>
The step up - use an aerobic step or a low step at first . Stand on two feet on step and reach back and just touch the floor behind you lightly and bring it back to the step. This helps the quad a lot - 2 sets of 30 on each leg. You can increase the height of the step when it gets easier. This one should not be done too quickly. and it really works if you don't let the leg reaching back have any of the weight bearing during the set.
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