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Today was a scheduled 8 mile Tempo run. We set out and felt awesome. Before we know it, we look down and are going sub- 8:00's.....faster than our Tempo pace. It just felt right so we busted out 4 miles at this pace and were back to our water stop. Didn't feel like we could do four more right then, so we went home and walked the dogs with the understanding that the other four will be done tonight slowly<br><br>
Now, our Tempo runs are averaging about 3-5 miles at tempo pace with the rest as warm-up or cool down. But, this morning it JUST FELT GOOD to go fast. Maybe not the best thing, but after 2 less-than-stellar runs it made me feel good about running again....that mental aspect I feel made the choice worth it.<br>
Thanks for the input, ya'll know more about this crazy running stuff than me for sure!!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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