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Hello everyone,<br><br>
Its hard to believe that I posted this <a href="" target="_blank">Idea thread</a> less than 4 weeks ago. Now were already on Day 18 of the first VRAA game.<br><br>
For this, I thank each and every one of you for participating. My wish is that the VRAA has added an extra incentive--team, personal, or otherwise--for you to play along.<br><br>
While I have given some thought to how we have done so far in this round, I want to hear from you. Please join in a discussion here on your thoughts on the re-emergence of the VRAA.<br><br>
Here's a few of my thoughts as a starting point:<br><br>
- Game duration: Currently 24 days (4 weekends)<br><br>
- Point system: much to be said, but I believe that running/walking has an appropriate emphasis/weight<br><br>
- score reporting: what did you like/dislike?<br><br>
- leaderboards: I compiled a sheet with records of everyones daily point total. I can provide as little, or as much, score reporting as desired.<br><br>
- team selection: random selection, or recruit your own team<br><br>
- The race across America: The length of the game is a function of points. Perhaps a smaller team of 6-8 would work for 3,200 mile trip?<br><br>
Thanks for playing, and thanks for your ideas. I imagine this discussion here as a precursor to the plan for the next round of the VRAA.<br>

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We're doing that good, eh? No complaints?? <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Here's what we set out to accomplish here in the first game: <i>"...the goal is to keep it simple, have fun, and to include as many participants as possible."</i><br><br>
Revisiting the initial goals of the VRAA, I have a couple thoughts to add:<br><br>
- team size is going to vary, if we use a random team selection. My goal was teams of 12-15. I took entrants all the way up game day and we had 45 players sign up. I think we included as many as possible and I hope we have more interest for the next round.<br><br>
- I hope it was fun for all.<br><br>
- there was far less swimming and road cycling than anticipated. I'm thinking of increasing the point value to encourage more of each.<br><br>
- Team awards: The winning team will earn the title "VRAA Champion" for a duration until the next round when a new team is crowned champion. What other fun prizes would work? Do I need a prize and award committee?<br><br>
- To me, a small negative aspect of the VRAA was that it took away my attention from the daily run report thread. I think the VRAA score reporting was simple enough, yet I found that I did not post as I normally do over there. My intent is not to detract from the Daily thread.<br><br>
All-in-all, not a bad go for the first round of the VRAA. Stay tuned for game info for the next round.
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