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<p>A 6 Mb wmv file entitled "How to deal with a Muslim Street Musician in France".</p>
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<p>It was followed almost immediately by a recall request.  Then another, and another.  All were sent by a junior guy in another part of IT.  I watch the video.  The "Muslim" part is added on, there's nothing identifying the guy as Muslim.  A bad street musician starts singing, is interrupting people having a discussion, one person talking on a cell gets up and breaks a chair over the guy's head. </p>
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<p>Pretty disturbing - the guy just goes back to his table and picks up his cell as if nothing happened.  Not my idea of a laff-riot (tm), but we all have sent things we regret at some time or another.  I check the distribution list, very small, must have included me by mistake.</p>
I write him back:  "I'm sure you do want to recall this.  Don't sweat it - we all make stupid email mistakes, buy me a coffee and I'll tell you mine.  Be more careful with company assets, and have a good weekend".</p>
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<p>I hope he learns from this one...</p>
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