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In honor of Boston daily 4.18.11

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<p>10 miles flirting with the moon and clouds this morning.  1:20 exactly.    5 mi warmup; 4 X .5 mile repeats with .5 recoveries.  Goal 3:00 per .5 but ran by feel only.   3:13, 15, 14, 10.   Close enough.</p>
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<p>Go Boston runners Go.!!!   Should be getting some email times pretty soon.</p>
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<p>cny thru the half in 1:35!!</p>
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<p>Paul 1:46 at the half</p>
<p>Ribs 4:29</p>
<p>Paul F. 4:15</p>
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<p>awesome guys!!</p>
<p>Good to hear from you again Wilson.   You are wicked fast and I always wonder what you are doing?  Tell you dw congrats from the kickrunning gang.  We are impressed.</p>
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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