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Imaz 2009

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FYI, if you are interested for next year's race. Our team is looking at this race so we needed the scoop.<br><br>
I have been in contact with Melody at NA Sports and this is what I have learned:<br><br>
1. There will be a two hour window for athletes and volunteers to register the day before the April race for the November 2009 IM.<br>
2. All general entry slots will open the day after the April event onsite at 9am and online at 12 noon AZ time zone for the Fall 2009 event.<br><b>3. There will be NO Fall registration for athletes or volunteers the day before or after the November race!</b> (This is a direct quote from her e-mail!)<br>
4. They will accept 2500 slots. So however many they accept onsite will determine how many they will open online.
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So do you know whether IMFL08 is the last year?
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