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I'm getting insanely Jealous

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Of all of you people who have warm weather outside to work out in! Freaking Woody has a TAN LINE already! I'm translucent and itchy I think the only person I am tanner than is the weird lady that won an Oscar the other night... you know the one, the Ice Queen from Narnia.<br><br>
So if all of you could push your warm weather up this way it would be appreciated. mkthanks!!
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In just the last few years I have been slowly changing my tune for my distaste of prolonged winter weather. I used to hate winter from early going in December all the way to April. But something started changing. I don't know if it's my attitude, my realization that just because it's cold doesn't mean I can't run and run with quality, or that the seasons really are something special. And since this is a multisport forum, I will insert that the best thing about winter is that it affords everyone different and very needed seasons. Winter is an amazing time for base building, evaluation of goals, a great time to dream big. And when spring comes around, even if you put in a lot of energy over the winter, you get a shot of fresh air and renewed zest for sport in now you can ride outdoors, now everybody is suddenly in a good mood, open water swimming is right around the corner. The list goes on. Winter isn't that long. And where it is, there is plenty of solid work to be done, if you choose, work that would typically not be done otherwise.<br><br>
Winter isn't that bad. It isn't.
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