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I'm getting insanely Jealous

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Of all of you people who have warm weather outside to work out in! Freaking Woody has a TAN LINE already! I'm translucent and itchy I think the only person I am tanner than is the weird lady that won an Oscar the other night... you know the one, the Ice Queen from Narnia.<br><br>
So if all of you could push your warm weather up this way it would be appreciated. mkthanks!!
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Sorry, can't help you there ... it's presently 9F in Montreal, windchill factor at -8F ... and that's not as nearly as cold as some of our more recent days ... another two months of winter to go ... sigh ...<br><br>
41 would be hot right now in Montreal, I'd love to have 41 ... and of course, we're expecting more snow again ... they still haven't cleared away the storm earlier this week.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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