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I'm getting a bike trainer!!!

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DH has come around!! I'm bidding on a Kurt on ebay this evening! It is basically an open box item, so I'm hoping to get it a little cheaper than a new one. Right now, it is REALLY cheap, but that will change by this evening. Cross your fingers that I get it!!
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Yay Kelli!<br><br>
I ordered one last week from Bike Nashbar. They were having a sale and I had a 10% coupon. I got the Nashbar Fluid Wireless one. With the sale and the coupon it wasn't too much more than the returned one I missed out on. I made room in the basement this weekend. I am excited. There's an 8-week bike plan in one of my old Tri Mags that looks perfect for taking me to outdoor season. The workouts I'd compare to running long intervals. To me that seems appropriate for the trainer.
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