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Im Cal 70.3

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<b>Top 10 men and women pros</b><br><br>
RACETIME: 05:05<br>
ANDY POTTS (#1) won here today in 3:58:22:<br>
* CRAIG ALEXANDER (#<img alt="cool.gif" src=""> at :03<br>
* PAUL AMBROSE (#22) at 5:10<br>
* DAVID THOMPSON (#7) at 7:09<br>
* RICHIE CUNNINGHAM (#4) at 7:18<br>
* BERT JAMMAER (#5) at 7:28<br>
* CYRILLE MAZURE (#26) at 8:22<br>
* FRASER CARTMELL (#21) at 9:11<br>
* TORSTEN ABEL (#41) at 9:19<br>
* BRANDON MARSH (#27) at 11:26<br><br><br>
Damn 3 seconds between 1st and 2nd according to the website during the race Andy had a 1.25 minute lead at the 6.5 mark on the run with 400 yards left to go Alexander made a big push to gain the lead but Andy came back and won by about 25 meters.!!!!<br><br>
i wonder what the transition times were damn 3 seconds.
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I was working the finish line and got to see it up close. Pretty freakin' amazing.
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