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I'm a little nervous...knock on wood for me!

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I need to take Miguel out in a few minutes...I'm a bit scared.<br><br>
|He's a lot of fit, new feel, less control...<br><br>
I'm going out for 2 hours...<br><br>
Coming crazy friend (not psycho!) is coming for a 3 hour ride...<br><br>
That's 5 hours on a new bike...hard saddle. They ordered me another Terry Ti<br><br>
So...I guess I'm so nervous b/c I never CRASHED on Mikey...not even at a stop sign! Tithers is a little terrified of taking her first spill!
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Body glide doesn't help much when your vajayjay bits are smooshed and get nerve damage!
I took him out for an probs...<br><br>
My friend is almost I'll be doing 3 extra to make 4 instead of 5.<br><br>
All went well first ride.<br><br>
Mikey has no pedals...I don't have a pedal wrench
I think he meant tightening it for the cleats to clip in/out?<br><br>
Barb-you're right-thanks for knowing what I meant<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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