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I need to be more appreciative...

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I need to be more grateful for my life now. I'm not dissatisfied, but sometimes I don't appreciate things I should know better than to take forgranted.<br><br>
Like this morning, I drove over to the grocery store to pick up some things. It was raining heavily. Only a few years ago, it wouldn't have mattered it was raining heavily--- I'd have an 8 mile walk/run to work, and and 8 mile walk back home. No avoiding it.<br><br>
Yet I don't appreciate everything that I have, enough- I don't think-- I'll forget for long periods that what I have -- and a lot of what DH has given me - is not a given, not something I'm really entitled to.. just good luck.<br><br>
I mean, I pretty much can have whatever I want. I might decide to wait, or decide it's not worth it, but I never really have to go without. I never have to worry about whether the bills will be getting paid or if I'll have power/water when I get home like I did growing up, or about how I'll get anywhere, or if I'll be okay...<br>
I have everything! And then I still go long times where I don't stop and thank God for how lucky I am, or for all he has blessed me with....<br>
Bad me!
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I know what you mean. I especially try to be thankful for good health, because that seems to be one thing I overlook more often than I should.<br><br>
I'm glad I have the option to choose a different job if I want...I'm glad I have a retirement plan, even though it sucks to save 40 years in advance. I'm glad I have access to things like libraries and the internet. I'm thankful that my parents and grandparents are alive and healthy. I'm thankful for my friends.
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