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I need a wintervention ...

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<p>Just saw the latest Warran Miller ski movie "Wintervention" last night ... Awesome!  I love those movies and look forward to the show every year.  I thought this movie had great music and fantastic video (as always).  A little light on snowboard stuff (didn't mind .. i'm not a snowboarder).  I was so inspired, i went to LSS and took the skiis in for a tune and picked up some xmas gifts while i was there?</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Anyone else see the move or plan to go?</p>
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<p>Ohhhhh...we used to go every year when I was a kid with our family ski group. Haven't seen one in years!!! I'll have to see if it's going to be near us...I'd love to go.</p>
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