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I love biking...

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But WHY does a 4.5 hour ride sound DREADFUL to me?<br><br>
I was HAPPY when I "only" had to do 4.5 hours training for IMFL.<br><br>
Oh well-I told sheldon to turn on the furnace...he said he was only lighting the pilot light<img alt="sad2.gif" src=""><br><br>
Gotta get the winter weight off!
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Son and I spent 1:40 out there today. Had a BLAST! I can't wait 'til we can ride up to Grandma's again. 85m each way. See, when I'm out riding with my kids, it's "kid time", NOT "training time". I have these things figured out!!!
Hey--as long as the roads are clear, I'm on the road! Thursday's ride was a bit chilly--in the teens--but the booties kept our piggies pretty warm until the end of the ride. I used to be stuck in the basement 'til it was in the 50's. Not any more!!!
niemsco--the first three broken bones our kids had (two arms and a leg) all happened not on the play ground but in the living room. Also, three sets of stitches were required because of falls in the living room. So you're not safe where ever you are. Sure, there are roads that I won't run/ride because of heavy traffic. But I'm not going to sit on a trainer or run on a dreadmill just because I might get hit. I get far too much enjoyment out of being outside. I'll take the risk.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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