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I love biking...

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But WHY does a 4.5 hour ride sound DREADFUL to me?<br><br>
I was HAPPY when I "only" had to do 4.5 hours training for IMFL.<br><br>
Oh well-I told sheldon to turn on the furnace...he said he was only lighting the pilot light<img alt="sad2.gif" src=""><br><br>
Gotta get the winter weight off!
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Hey, any of you who live where you can actually be riding outside in February have nothing to complain about. I would be joyous if I could get my bike out of my basement and ride outside. Instead, I have at least 6 more weeks of basement time to look forward to, and that's even being optimistic.<br><br>
Get yer butt out there and ride!
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