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This one is a doozy though.<br><br>
Talking about my go-get-em nephew who is staying with us for the summer trying to make moola to study overseas this fall. He's got a job "pearl diving" (dish washing) and told me that while the pay is so-so (for Calgary) he's enjoying it because he's turned it almost into a game, a mental challenge, a puzzle.<br><br>
Wife turns to me and says that that's how life is for her, every day, day in, day out. "How to manage the stuff that has to get done".<br><br>
She learned that at a time in her life when things were overwhelming and she was running away from home for good. Since then it's been all one vast puzzle and game for her.<br><br>
She and her brother have this obstinate "My way works" attitude to things that the out-laws (those who have married in to the family) have learned to live with. Hey, if she wants to make the bed, fine! But today she told me it's because the way to do it is all part of the game.<br><br>
She's an alien from another dimension. But I love her all the same.<br><br>
Life a game, eh? Gotta think on that one. I see it more as an art. Sometimes like Dali...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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