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... is what's emblazoned across the shirt I received in the mail yesterday.. from someone called "XXXX".. I had this queer look on my face, cause the guy I was sitting with looked at me and asked what's up???<br><br>
It's like when you read things but can't seem to comprehend what you're reading..<br><br>
In the package was a card - a THANK YOU card.. and in THAT card was a gift card for dinner from Red Lobster and ANOTHER Gift card from my favorite music store!<br><br>
Still trying to figure out what in the hell it was all about, I decided well.. stupid.. READ THE CARD...<br><br>
It was from YOU PEOPLE!!! What in the hell??? You're thanking me?? I'm not even sure how to respond.. for those who know me, 'speechless' is not a typical word used to describe me.. but I am...<br><br>
I'm blessed beyond anything right now.. Being so far from home and getting a package like this in the mail from, well - total strangers.. people who've never met me.. yet.. awh shit... I just don't know what to say...<br><br>
I really am thankful for you guys and this site.. in a crazy way, this site and maintaining it keeps me occupied while I'm away from my family.. So, to get this from you guys and gals for something that - to me is therapy.. is just...<br><br>
Thank you each and everyone one of you... to the lurkers, and to the mega posters.. I've said it before and I'll say it again.. this site is what you people make it and everyday - you seem to make it better and better....<br><br><br>
your thoughtfulness in this gift really is one of the nicest things anyone has every done for me and my family. And I'm forever grateful...<br><br><br>
I'm going home on the 19th and taking Mrs satfix and all my lil' (now grown) satfix's out for dinner.. and we'll raise our glasses to you as I enjoy my real family thanks to YOU.. my Virtual family...<br><br><br>
My heartfelt thanks and regards to each of you....<br><br><br>
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