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I got my foot injury diagnosis today

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TThe MRI showed two tendons (flexor digitorum brevis and plantar apneurosis tendons) are strained, and the ligament(s?) supporting my arch (spring ligament I believe) are sprained. He said it is more or less acute PF that shouldn't last like the chronic kind does.<br><br>
The treatment is ice, elevate, anti-inflammatories, continue swimming and cycling. When it's not painful I can do elliptical, walking, light running (preferably treadmill) to exercise but I have to stop if it hurts or if it's painful after. (It is definitely still painful.)<br><br>
I will go for some PT, but couldn't get in until a week from Monday (4/2).<br><br>
The Dr's best guess was it will take 3-4 weeks to heal. Of course, I got the "Were you planning on running any more marathons?" and look of skepticism (not because of the injury, he said, but because "why anyone would want to do that"<img alt="wink.gif" src="">.
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I'm really glad it wasn't anything worse!<br><br>
So... rock that recovery, and don't set yourself back by "testing" it too soon!
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