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I feel like I'm going to get fired, too.

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Well, probably not---they need people of my level too much. But my direct report has made some mistakes lately that are getting us (as an account group) in trouble. It's only a little bit his fault...he's still relatively new. And I'm too new to the account team to know their standards, but I still feel like I'll end up taking some blame, too. It's a crappy situation.
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Yup. My manager set up a meeting with me and the direct report to discuss, so I'm going to bring up what I feel is a fair point.
There actually is a very legitimate reason it happened---lack of communication on how to do this particular process. (It's very different from our typical process, and we didn't have any way to know that). However, we're going to take it from the approach of..."there's a gap in communication/understanding here. Here's a document we wrote to help new people learn how to do this correctly so that this doesn't happen again."
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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