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Hydration Question

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Does it matter what you drink? I don't like water. I usually drink 24-32 ounces of water while/imm.after running but for the rest of the day I drink Diet Coke and Coffee. I had a bad run yesterday and I'm trying to explore all possible reasons. I know I drink a lot (ounces wise) but does it matter that it's Diet Coke and not water. And yes I know about the evils of art. sweetners-but it's the one vice I'm still holding onto<img alt="smile.gif" src=""> Thanks!
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I drink dilute squash 99% of the time I'm not drinking alcohol.<br>
I think it's better than fizzy drinks in terms of hydration.
caffiene dehydrates you, so i would not count any caffienated beverages towards your daily total.
I thought I read somewhere recently that caffiene does not dehydrate you like people always thought. I wish I could remember where.<br><br>
People are always recommending that you drink tea for hydration, to.<br><br>
that said, I know I drink too much diet soda. I have two a day, but I also drink water all day long as well. Plus I don't drink coffee. Sometimes I put a Crystal Light on the go thing in a bottle of water to change it up...
i used to drink a lot of diet soda until i read about what soda does to you and something about leeching calcium out of your bones. Freaked me out. I had a stress fracture in 2000. Then i also decided i did not want all those chemicals in me.
Tea makes me pee, coffee not so much. I rarely drink soda and only the delicious full-sugar type <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
I think perhaps you should try to get other sources of liquid like crystal light as Wyrillco suggests. Or just some lemon juice in your water so it isn't so boring. Maybe try to get 3 cups of water a day besides your coke and coffee? In other words add water or some other liquid, not necessarily remove the other things. I have trouble getting enough water too, somedays.
Thanks everyone. I think I will make an effort (at least from now until the marathon) to drink more water throughout the day just to make sure there is no issue. I can always revert back to my bad habits after the race<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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