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hump day fun

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i need more coffee to be any fun
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Hey folks!<br><br>
So I made a joke yesterday in the cruise thread about being off balance and falling and I think the karma gods heard me. Walking out to my car last night I fell right on my rump! I was parrked in the first spot, next to a no stopping area so it was all painted up. The painted area was slick, I went down hard! Now, thankfully, I have some extra cushioning in the rump area so I thought I was fine. But apparently when I put my hand down to break my fall my finger curled under. Yep, I am pretty sure it is broken! Nice, huh? I of course had to stop at the gym anyway, got in an hour bike ride, came home and laid down and was done for the night. I think I was just anxious cause I was feeling sore and sick to my tummy all night. I am sure Baby Beaker is fine cause he participated in his usual nightime acrobatic routine last night but might call my doc today just to make sure!<br><br>
So that was my night. Still can't move my finger today and still feel like crap!! But yet I am at work. Why? Because the guilt trip you get these days for being out is way worse than suffering through a day in the lab sick. I am so ready for maternity leave to it April 1 yet?!<br><br>
Sorry for my salty mood. Hope you are all fairing better!
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Geez, <b>LL</b>. Sounds like you live in the most dangerous town in America. You're a volunteer fireman, right? I guess your community is getting their money's worth out of their volunteers...
<b>((Beaker))</b> Please call your Dr today. I am sure Baby Beaker is fine, but as a once graceful prego lady myself (fell onto icy sidewalk) it is better to be safe. They just checked the baby's heart rate for a bit, than told me I looked tired, take the rest of the day off. The nice nurse even gave me a note to take to my boss
'morning everyone.<br><br>
Hey Moe? I dreamed about Penny last night! Seriously. I have no recollection as to what else was going on the dream, but I specifically thinking "hey.. there's Moe's dog!" calling penny "Penny-girl", and her being very happy with receiving the pets and scratchings that I was lavishly giving her! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
I got nuffin of real interest going on today, other than heading to the post office to send off a care package to my Army pen-pal, Stephanie. From our conversation the other week, I put together a fairly big candy mix, and put it all in a huge ziplock bag for her. (butterscotch, mints, other misc hard candies, dumdum pops, and pixy stix!). When we talked about how mail worked on her side, she mentioned that although everyone gets excited over mail, sometimes it apparently comes so infrequently, that it's not unusual for someone to open a letter and read it out loud, effectively 'sharing' the news from home, with their fellow platoon/group mates listening in, like children listenening to an adult reading a book to them.<br><br>
Stephanie mentioned one individual who either gets super excited over everyone's mail, or he doesn't get mail addressed to him very often. (or both) So, just for him, I put a small amount of candy in a separate ziplock bag with his name on it, with a little note inside. Neither he or Stephanie know it's coming. I figure it might be the same effect as a kid getting an unexpected toy on Christmas. At least, that's the reaction I hope it gets. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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What is this "moderately' stuff you are talking about<img alt="confused.gif" src=""><br><br><b>(((Lori)))</b><br><br>
Clare - my youngest will be in kindergarten in the fall. For the better part of the last ten years we have been paying for it. The money we pay for day care now gets added to the college funds. We will not miss the money we save, because we never had it anyway.
Ailarie - you are an angel. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> What a super sweet thing to do!! Do you think your friend Stephanie would know of anyone who might want a pen pal? I miss writing letters. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
(((Beaker's finger))) I gotta say I'm still mightily impressed by the pregnant lady with a broken finger who STILL goes to the gym and works out. <img alt="notworthy.gif" src="">
<b>(((Lori)))</b> Poor finger! Is it on your dominant hand? I imagine that would make it a little more difficult to be a lab scientist.
Just called my to L&D to be monitored. Frig!!!
That is all they will do, it won't hurt a bit...
Who watched BL Couples last night? I won't give anything away by saying that show may have jumped the shark. Stooopid.<br><br><b>(((Beaker and her finger & rump and some for baby Beaker too)))</b><br><br><b>Ailarie</b> - you totally made both Stephanie and her buddy's day. Good on you!
No worries <b>Beaker</b>. They'll hook you up to the monitor and you'll get to hear the baby's will be ok! I hope someone will also look at your finger while you're there.<br>
Take care!
Mornin' all,<br><br><b>Lori,</b> glad to see you're going in to get checked out. They'll prob. just do a non-stress test or ultra sound to make sure all is ok. But since you said you felt movement last night, that's good. Hope all is well, and take care of that finger!<br><br><b>Litch</b> Very good idea for saving for college.
This may end up being the longest day ever. Baseball practice at 8:30 am so I was here by 8 (left the house at 7:20 or so) and I have a women's basketball game that starts at 7:30 pm tonight, so I should be home by 10 pm. Can I have another cup of coffee? Or can I just skip to the moderately drinking part...the person with the PhD says it's good for me!<br><br><b>(((Beaker))) and (((Baby Beaker)))</b>
Yeah DW was ticked off. I hate when reality shows become about avoiding getting kicked off instead of the real point like surviving, losing weight, or cooking awesome food.
<b>Beaker</b> - Glad to hear that you're going in to make sure all is well with the bambino/bambina. Best to be safe. Hope they can also help ya out with your hand.. ouchies!<br><br><b>BL</b> - Doh.. I laid on the floor to snuggle with one of my dogs last night, and the next thing I knew, it was 35 minutes into BL. I haven't caught much of this season (not even sure when it started), but what I saw last night was interesting. Maybe next week I can stay awake through the whole thing! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
<b>BL-</b> I don't care for that show, nor for most reality TV shows. I had enough of the popularity contest thing in junior high/high school, thank you.<br><br>
However, if <b>Voodoo</b> ever makes it onto Survivor, I'll watch it just for him.
I watched it on DVR last night, but it was getting late so I had to stop it at the weigh in part. I'm kinda confused about what they're doing with the teams last night. I think it's getting too complicated! LOL Who's your favorite? I'm either rooting for the orange team or the We didn't know each other before this team (forget the color). The son on the orange team looks like the older brother on Family Guy. Sorta disturbing. I like the mom, though.<br><br><b>Lori!</b> Take care of yourself and baby Beaker! Hope the finger is ok.<br><br><b>Ailarie</b>- super cool thing you're doing there! I remember having a penpal soldier back during the Gulf war. I was in HS. Guy from FL. Lost contact at some point.<br><br>
I'm so sleepy from getting up to run this morning. I wanna go back to bed. Or get more coffee.
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