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How to test for Max Heart rate?

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I have had a heart rate mnitor for wuite some time and have a vague idea as to my max...but never tested it...<br><br>
I want to use heart rate to help with my next phase of training...<br><br>
I have seen quite a few articles that explain different methods of determining the maximum heart rate.<br><br>
How did you test yours?
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I use my 10K / 0.9 like MC says and think it works fine (HRmax 195). But, I find that early in a training cycle I can get it up (HR that is :blush<img alt="smile.gif" src=""> but once I'm into big mileage it's hard to get it up there. Like today I was doing 1000m repeats at a bit slower than 5 K effort and the HRmax was only 171 (avg pace 7:06). In December, I ran a whole half marathon with the AHR 171 (178 max) (avg pace 7:36). Am I a wimp or something?<br>
This all makes me question HRmax, is it a moving target?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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