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How to test for Max Heart rate?

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I have had a heart rate mnitor for wuite some time and have a vague idea as to my max...but never tested it...<br><br>
I want to use heart rate to help with my next phase of training...<br><br>
I have seen quite a few articles that explain different methods of determining the maximum heart rate.<br><br>
How did you test yours?
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I will just add that actual data is hard data, but it can be hard to get. I thought for two years that my max was 190. I got it on hard 6x long and steep hills. I saw it on the hrm for more than a few seconds, so it was real. But this past year, I was doing the same thing, and on the 5th of 6 hills I saw 199! Same on the 6th. So, ok, I guess my max is 200.<br><br>
Funny thing is my estimate for 10k is 180 and .9 divided gives 200. so maybe that one does work.
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