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How to test for Max Heart rate?

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I have had a heart rate mnitor for wuite some time and have a vague idea as to my max...but never tested it...<br><br>
I want to use heart rate to help with my next phase of training...<br><br>
I have seen quite a few articles that explain different methods of determining the maximum heart rate.<br><br>
How did you test yours?
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not really a moving target, but what you describe is true. You will approach your max HR easier when less well trained. Max is still max.<br><br>
When in a cycle of high mileage and good aerobic capacity, it is fairly comfortable to stay in the HR zone of slightly anaerobic, because you've trained your LT to be a bit higher now. This is why your long repeats weren't that stressful Your paces are a bit faster at all distances and you are in a new level (not calling you any names, especially not <i>wimp</i>...but...)<br><br>
You'll see that if you did true anaerobic sharpening (ie 3K repeats), then you'd get that HR up there further for sure. Your training has been excellent and I'd not worry about the slight variation, just knock out a PR and reset your training paces based on vdot, not HR.
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