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How do you surprise yourself?

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So I was googling "pelagianism" a moment ago, and the little drop down box showed me a list of other "p" words that I've googled in the past.<br><br>
"Pam Dauber" was on my list. What the hell was I looking her up for?<br><br><i>Who was I then?</i><br><br>
So, how do you surprise yourself?
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Oh, please, Mr Master's degree dude. Like you don't know a good heresy when you see one.
Perhaps I was googling her for that very reason!
What's so surprising? You seem like a competent fellow.
I have a hairy belly button.<br><br>
Feel better?
It wouldn't have lasted a day with me.
Is High School Reunion a reality show?
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Uh oh.<br><br>
I surprised myself today by thinking to myself, with great sincerity:<br><br>
"I really like David Gray's music."<br><br><img alt="uhoh2.gif" src="">
How come nobody told me?<br><br>
Thanks for your honesty.<br><br>
No wonder I couldn't find any good boobie pics of her.
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1 - 14 of 43 Posts
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