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How do you know it is a stress fracture

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I am almost sure I have a stress fracture of the right big toe but need some advise. First off, I plan on calling the ortho tomorrow so don't flame me and tell me to get in touch with the doc. The pain started after a slip and fall last Saturday on my run but it was just a dull ache that has now increased and caused a change in my gait during yesterday's run and last night caused me to not sleep or wake up a lot. There has been no swelling or bruising but I can pinpoint the pain on the medial side of the base of the big toe. Any body have a clue?
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it could be a stress reaction too (the pre stage). Honestly, no way to know for sure without an MRI or bone scan.<br>
It can be VERY deceiving.<br>
I had a sprained tendon that my doc really had to investigate to make sure it wasn't a SF of the 4th metatarsal. I had the exact same symptoms in a different location.<br>
On the other hand, one of the RMs had to battle her doc for MONTHS and finally got the diagnosis for SF through an MRI.<br>
Sensitivity to the touch, lack of bruising or swelling can be pictures of SF.<br>
One thing I really liked about my doc was that I told him I had 2 marathons lined up and needed to know quickly. He is a sports doc, so he ordered the X-RAy immediately and the bone scan for the following week. The reason why we had to wait for a week was that I had just twisted my foot and he could see the stress reaction on the X-Ray, but the SF wouldn't be visible right away if that was the case.<br>
Thankfully my bone scan was negative.<br>
Increasing pain and change in gait are big warnings IMHO.
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