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So I bought some daikon radish today because some little old Scottish dude was raving about it at the healthfood store a few weeks ago. That and the life giving properties of Bulgarian yogurt.<br><br>
But I forgot to buy the tofu needed for the little daikon recipe he gave me.<br><br><img alt="cwm21.gif" src=""><br><br>
How do you eat your daikon? I guess I could shred it raw into a salad.

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roasted and shredded.<br>
here's a good recipe:<br>
For 4<br><br>
* 1 Large Sweet Potato, 1" chunks<br>
* 1 Large Daikon, large roll-cut pieces<br>
* 2 t. Olive Oil<br>
* 1 t. Sea Salt<br><br>
Gently toss all ingredients together to coat with oil. Place in a baking dish and cover. Bake at 450 F. for 1/2 hour; reduce heat to 375 F. and continue baking for another 1/2 hour till vegetables are tender.<br><br><br>
It;s widely used in macrobiotic dishes and i know we are it a few different ways in my macro classes/seminars.
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