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For runners in the 1:45 or greater HM time range I think a HM schedule is perfectly fine. If you can run a HM faster than 1:45 then I think a fast 15k course is closer to aerobic threshold, and I might want to do some intervals on top of regular work. For me, I would do the following weekly runs....<br><br>
One run of up to 2 hrs easy, with some striders towards the end<br>
One run of around 90 min with up to 40 min at my perceived threshold.<br>
Several runs in the 60 min range easy<br>
All remaining runs would be recovery and would be easy.<br><br>
In the final 6 weeks before the race I might find a 5k race or two, to get a sense of my race pace. These would also serve as VO2 max work, or alternatively I might do a couple of time trials or some 800 meter intervals.
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