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As your goal is "finish strong", you may not need the full-on taper that some training plans will have... though I'm surprised your schedule calls for a 10 miler the weekend before. Where did you get it?<br><br>
As you've missed a 7 miler, I would advise trying do something this weekend.<br><br>
I would suggest 6-7 this week, 9 next, and 10 the following...<br><br>
OR, if you feel pretty normal right now... 9 this week, 10 next week, and 6-7 the following.<br><br>
Bottom line for your goal: getting in a 9 and a 10 somewhere in the next few weeks is more important than syncing it up perfectly.<br><br>
Good luck to you.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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