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Holiday Mile-A-Day Challenge - Week 2

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<p><strong>Holiday Mile-A-Day Challenge - Week 2 of 6<br><br>
Run at minimum a mile per day from Thanksgiving through New Year's. Why? Because we can. As of this writing, we have <strong>20 streakers</strong>, so know that you are not alone. Know that on those days you don't feel like doing anything, someone else is feeling the same way; and both of you will get up and do it. Why? Why not!<br><br>
Also, it's <strong>not too late for newcomers</strong> to join. I can add you to the list.<br><br>
Remember that this is for us. Which means that if your body says, "I cannot physically run a mile every day," you have grounds to redefine "Mile" to be anything that works with what you have. Just don't cheat. Mile-A-Day means doing something every day. And this challenge is meant to keep it light and provide fun ideas.<br><br><strong>Week 2 - Monday, Nov. 28 thru Sunday, Dec. 4</strong><br><br>
First full week, so let's make it count!<br><br><strong>Monday & Tuesday</strong><br>
Since I suck (re: late getting out this note), you were on your own for the first two days of the week. If you still have Tuesday to complete, why not pick your favorite 3 mile loop, only today you will do it in reverse direction of the way you normally do. I swear when I say that it'll be like doing a completely different loop. You will notice houses and things you don't normally. Changing up routes in this way keeps things more fresh. Which keeps you fresh.<br><br><strong>Wednesday</strong><br>
This, if you're following a plan or the traditional training week, will be one of your more quality runs. Do that as-is. You need nothing more. If you're not following a plan, such as myself right now, you have Wednesday open for some good miles. Today do a route that you have never done before. Go for 3 to 4 or even 5 or more miles. Your call. But try a different route. I will do a new route tomorrow. Since I have run on nearly all roads in my area, I will have to be creative. But I'm game.<br><br><strong>Thursday & Friday</strong><br>
If you ran quality yesterday, you'll likely go short on one of these days, presumably the day after, and it might be just a mile. Why not warm up a half a mile and then do some easy strides of 10 to 15 seconds on the return leg? If you didn't do quality or go longer yesterday, pick your own here. Maybe even treat yourself to a run with music -- bring your iPod! Or you can do what xflbk does and try to do a mile on the fast side!<br><br><strong>Saturday</strong><br>
Saturday or Sunday is traditionally a long run day. I challenge you to do your long run -- or whatever will serve as your "main" weekend run, be it 3 miles, 5 or 15 -- with a friend. Yes, send an email to a friend or group and ask if they want to run. Running with company is the single best way to keep you motivated and running strong toward your goals. It's a fact. I am coming on 8 years of streak running, and I promise you that I could not have gone that long, nor committed this to lifestyle, without social runs. While you are running, you will also ask this person to run with you next week during the week. Because next week, you will run with them. Got it? Good.<br><br><strong>Sunday</strong><br>
Assuming you ran yesterday, Sunday might be an easy, down day. If so, and if you want to only go for a walk, chose a walking route that is not the same as any of your running routes. Maybe cruise through the neighborhood across the street. Walk for 20 minutes or more. No stress. Just start walking. Don't even think about where you will go. Instead, slip into the cartoon in your head.<br><br>
*Next week will start a few really fresh ideas for keeping your runs fun. If you're up for playing along, these will be fun. And they really keep you highly motivated. Plus, there will be a slightly tougher challenge. But I promise it will be fun. But it may not sound fun at first! :)</p>
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<p>TCOB 1 mile on Mon, Tues, and Weds. Probably won't get more miles/day until the weekend.</p>
I didn't mean I would miss a day, I just thought that I would only get In 1 mile runs today and tomorrow. However I got home early Today .and did 2 plus outside so all is good.
<p>I am solid for this week and last with 1 mile plus runs Fri-Mon.  Trying to find some time to up the mileage, maybe this wekkend.</p>
<p>Still plugging away, streak intact, Hopefully I will find some time this weekend to try a 3 mile run.</p>
1 - 4 of 67 Posts
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