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HM Training - March 31-April 6

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<b>Nettie</b><br><i>Goal Races:</i><br>
4/6 - Athens, OH - Shooting for 2:00-2:08<br>
9/7 - Lake Zurich Alpine Races - Sub 2:00 if Athens goal was met otherwise same as Athens<br>
Plan: RW Ryan Hall Plan<br><br><b>Runnin-from-the-Law</b><br><i>Goal Races:</i><br>
4/19/08 - Earth Day HM<br>
6/21 - Grandma's HM<br>
Plan: modified Daniels<br><br><b>BigGahoona</b><br><i>Goal Races:</i><br>
4/19/09 - Earth Day HM<br>
6/21 - Grandma's HM<br>
Plan: not sure yet<br><br><b>jebba</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 4/26 - Country Music Half Marathon<br><br><b>Jill</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 4/27/08 - Lehigh Valley HM<br>
Plan: modified Rick Morris plan<br><br><b>sauconRunner</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 4/27/08 - Lehigh Valley HM<br>
Plan: RW plan<br><br><b>MrPHinNJ</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 04/27/08 - Lehigh Valley HM<br>
Plan: Personal Plan<br><br><b>ScratchType1</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 5/4/08 -Broad Street Run<br>
Plan: personal version of Daniels<br><br><b>Dankinia</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 5/4/08 - Eugene HM<br>
Plan: personalized plan<br><br><b>SLOjim</b><br><i>Goal Races:</i><br>
5/17 Palos Verdes HM<br>
9/13 Heartbreak Ridge at Camp Pendleton (lots of hills, run hard .... sub 2:00)<br>
10/12 Long Beach (run hard, even splits, 1:52)<br>
Plan: personal plan - base currently at 35-40mpw .. hold at 40mpw with speed work and short races.<br><br><b>RunningForT3</b><br><i>Goal Races:<br></i> 4/12 - North Face Endurance 50 HM (Bear Mt)<br>
5/4 - New Jersey HM<br>
6/1 - Black Bear - the biggest one in my life, coming at the end of my first half-ironman<br><br><b>CTDon</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 5/25 - Boston's Run To Remember (sub 2:00)<br>
Plan: Runner's World Ultimate HM program<br><br><b>tigger</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 6/22/08 - Vancouver HM<br>
Plan: Pfitzinger
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I ended March with a pulled ITB. I ran a total of 3 miles last week, visited the orthopedist yesterday and am taking it easy this week again. This should be an interesting month. I don't think I'll be getting in any more runs beyond the race mileage, so for me it's just maintaining my fitness at the point and whatever happens, happens.
Chris, I just got a really quick flu or something over the weekend. It started Friday with chills and a fever, Saturday was spent deliriously in bed and Sunday I was able to move about starting around noon. Monday was a recovery day and today I feel about 100% normal. How is that for strange? I hope whatever you got passes quickly.
MrPH, are you running the Kutztown Fool's Run?
5 pain-free miles today. Yay!
Good luck this weekend, Nettie!!!
Don, absolutely! I'll add you to the list above. Good luck with your training.
Awesome, MrPH! I was planning on getting up to 15-16 in this training cycle but just couldn't, with getting sick and finally hurting my ITB. Oh well. You're going to do great at the end of the month.
Yep, Don, bad days just remind us of how good our good days are. 8 miles on a bad day is pretty decent IMO.<br><br>
MrPH, I have The Stick but I am thinking about getting a foam roller, too. Today I'm heading to physical therapy and hopefully learn some new stretches, etc. A friend of mine is a massage therapist and she said she'll work on me.
1 - 10 of 28 Posts
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