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HM Training - March 31-April 6

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<b>Nettie</b><br><i>Goal Races:</i><br>
4/6 - Athens, OH - Shooting for 2:00-2:08<br>
9/7 - Lake Zurich Alpine Races - Sub 2:00 if Athens goal was met otherwise same as Athens<br>
Plan: RW Ryan Hall Plan<br><br><b>Runnin-from-the-Law</b><br><i>Goal Races:</i><br>
4/19/08 - Earth Day HM<br>
6/21 - Grandma's HM<br>
Plan: modified Daniels<br><br><b>BigGahoona</b><br><i>Goal Races:</i><br>
4/19/09 - Earth Day HM<br>
6/21 - Grandma's HM<br>
Plan: not sure yet<br><br><b>jebba</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 4/26 - Country Music Half Marathon<br><br><b>Jill</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 4/27/08 - Lehigh Valley HM<br>
Plan: modified Rick Morris plan<br><br><b>sauconRunner</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 4/27/08 - Lehigh Valley HM<br>
Plan: RW plan<br><br><b>MrPHinNJ</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 04/27/08 - Lehigh Valley HM<br>
Plan: Personal Plan<br><br><b>ScratchType1</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 5/4/08 -Broad Street Run<br>
Plan: personal version of Daniels<br><br><b>Dankinia</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 5/4/08 - Eugene HM<br>
Plan: personalized plan<br><br><b>SLOjim</b><br><i>Goal Races:</i><br>
5/17 Palos Verdes HM<br>
9/13 Heartbreak Ridge at Camp Pendleton (lots of hills, run hard .... sub 2:00)<br>
10/12 Long Beach (run hard, even splits, 1:52)<br>
Plan: personal plan - base currently at 35-40mpw .. hold at 40mpw with speed work and short races.<br><br><b>RunningForT3</b><br><i>Goal Races:<br></i> 4/12 - North Face Endurance 50 HM (Bear Mt)<br>
5/4 - New Jersey HM<br>
6/1 - Black Bear - the biggest one in my life, coming at the end of my first half-ironman<br><br><b>CTDon</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 5/25 - Boston's Run To Remember (sub 2:00)<br>
Plan: Runner's World Ultimate HM program<br><br><b>tigger</b><br><i>Goal Race:</i> 6/22/08 - Vancouver HM<br>
Plan: Pfitzinger
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Just three more weeks of training to go, then it's race week. The next two weeks will be the highest mileage weeks for this training cycle.<br><br>
March was a good month .... 187.5 miles.
Sorry to hear that, Jill. Last year I pulled a hamstring right about this time, but still tried to race the half. I lasted until mile 3 then it went again. I limped in from there. So I know how you feel.<br><br>
While it did set me back a bit, I eventually recovered. So hang in there.
No races for me until the LVHM. These next couple of weeks are my heaviest weeks prior to the half, so I am trying to stick with my schedule without racing. I thought about the Emmaus 4 miler too, but am not doing that one either for the same reasons. I know I could run the race then go out for a few more miles, but I guess I am set in my ways.
Tempo run this afternoon ... windy again. If it is windy on race day I'll be prepared for it.<br><br>
2.2 miles warm up<br>
6 miles @ 7:37<br>
2.3 miles cool down
Welcome Don.<br><br>
15.4 miles today, giving me 44 miles for the week.
Thanks, Jill. One more tough week then I will cut back.<br><br>
Regarding the ITB, having you tried using a foam roller on it? I've found that it does a pretty good job loosening the band up.
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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