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Well I'm back! M turned out to be a Spaghetti Western as I had to take the Good with the Bad and the Ugly. Here are the splits:<br><br><br>
1.) 7:48<br>
2.) 8:37<br>
3.) 8:23<br>
4.) 8:22<br>
5.) 8:24<br>
6.) 8:21<br>
7.) 9:00<br>
8.) 8:50<br>
9.) 8:12<br>
10.) 8:46<br>
11.) 8:44<br>
12.) 9:06<br>
13.) 10:26 1/2 Split 1:53:33 (1/2M PR is 1:57)<br>
14.) 8:31<br>
15.) 9:02<br>
16.) 9:16<br>
17.) 9:13<br>
18.) 9:42<br>
19.) 8:47<br>
20.) 9:54<br>
21.) 9:47<br>
22.) 10:07<br>
23.) 9:59<br>
24.) 11:19<br>
25.) 11:26<br>
26.) 11:41 Official Time: 4:01:53<br><br>
Never felt fatigue or winded during this. At mile 20 I started to get the pre-cramp feel and for the first time ever it was in my upper legs. No pain in the quads. Just would feel like a glute or hamstring was going to pull and then it felt like the groin muscles were going to go. Concentrated on form and just kept telling myself to go for 10's and I would have it. Mile 24 is all uphill and I couldn't pick it up after that. I never walked or had an on course cramp but the legs were not behaving. I climbed in the post race ice bath set up and the muscles just jumped. Sat there as long as I could stand it. Climbed out and then the fun started. Sat down to put on the socks and you could see the muscles cramp. Right calf would go and I would jerk to get it straight and the left leg would start some where. There were aid stations every other mile and I took Gatoraid at all but two. I took water with the hammer gels which were miles 17 and 22.<br>
Good was my time improved from last years 4:21 and I broke my PR of 4:08 from 1993 that I set at Age 31. Bad because it's tough having it slip away the last two miles but that's what the Heart Of America is known for. Ugly is I lost 8 lbs on the course trying to get across the line under 4 hours and then the cramps. Dr. Advil was kind enough to script 1200mg of his best so I am off to feeling better. Saw Barefoot Rick as he passed me after the climb up mile 24 at Memorial Stadium. View of the Missouri River was awesome. Rual Missouri at its finest. The four block run down Broadway was as great as ever. Perfect spot to end it as always!

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Nice report.... Too bad about missing the sub-4:00 but a great race regardless. A sweet PR despite the leg troubles and a 20 minute improvement over prior year is quite the accomplishment. Way to hang in there!!! Enjoy some well-deserved rest time.

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Congrats p2r. A very good effort. Losing 8lbs in a marathon with drinking at all stations save 2 probably means you still didn't get enough fluids; hence the legs misbehaving and cramping? You didn't say but I'd guess temps weren't perfect for a marathon and probably the humidity wasn't either. A pr never the less! Update the profile with pride.<br><br>
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