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HAT Run Training Run

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Those who are doing the HAT Run on 29 March 2008 probably already know about this, but . . . a 15-16 mile training run is scheduled for 26 January 2008 at 8:30 AM. We're supposed to meet near the Grist Mill. I'm assuming it will be one complete lap of the course.<br><br>
Does anyone know how they're going to mark the trail? I ran the race last year, but I don't remember the course well enough to keep from getting lost. I'm assuming that the runners will spread out enough so that some kind of markings will be necessary. The yellow "pie plates" with the arrows are really nice during the race, but I can't imagine they're going to do that for a training run. Just curious, that's all. I'm looking forward to it since it's so close to home.<br><br>
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I would assume they will have one or more local people there to guide you?
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