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Half Marathon Training - Dec 17-23

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I had an OK week last week. Had 31 miles on the schedule, ended up with 29. I had to cut one of my short runs from 4 M to 2. Other that that, I am progressing. My LR on Saturday (11 miles) was at a pace that almost matched my HM race pace from last June, and my heart rate was in the comfy aerobic range for the whole thing. I have the same exact 31 M schedule for this week. Last week of Daniels' Phase I.
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Nice job on that easy 11, <b>Tim</b>!<br><br>
I had 41 on the schedule last week, but had to bag a 5M run for domestic tranquility reasons, so I ended up with 36. In truth, that was probably good for me, as I'm experiencing some aches and pains ramping back up after Philly. Right now I don't think I can get to my target weekly base before I'd have to start speedwork for Eugene, so I'm dropping back 3 weeks and planning on Madison instead.<br><br>
This week: 5(done!), 8, rest, 8, 5, 12, 5 = 43M
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