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I had an OK week last week. Had 31 miles on the schedule, ended up with 29. I had to cut one of my short runs from 4 M to 2. Other that that, I am progressing. My LR on Saturday (11 miles) was at a pace that almost matched my HM race pace from last June, and my heart rate was in the comfy aerobic range for the whole thing. I have the same exact 31 M schedule for this week. Last week of Daniels' Phase I.

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Nice job on that easy 11, <b>Tim</b>!<br><br>
I had 41 on the schedule last week, but had to bag a 5M run for domestic tranquility reasons, so I ended up with 36. In truth, that was probably good for me, as I'm experiencing some aches and pains ramping back up after Philly. Right now I don't think I can get to my target weekly base before I'd have to start speedwork for Eugene, so I'm dropping back 3 weeks and planning on Madison instead.<br><br>
This week: 5(done!), 8, rest, 8, 5, 12, 5 = 43M

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Last week for me came up short of my goal of 25 miles. Weather on Thursday made me choose to use the exercise bike instead, Saturday's run which I hoped would go 14 miles got cut short at 10.2 miles because of blood sugar issues, then Sunday was another wash due to weather and changed over to 45 more minutes on the exercise bike.<br><br>
Will try again for 25+ miles this week, starting with 7.5 tomorrow.

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This is my 4th week of HM training. Last weekend I decided that I'm changing my schedule from a 6 day running week to a 5 day week and throwing in a day of cross training. 6 days is just too much for me to do right now. My body isn't ready.<br><br>
So, this week's schedule looks like this:<br>
M - Rest<br>
T - 5M<br>
W - 4M (ran 4.75)<br>
R - 5M (ran 5.3)<br>
F - XT<br>
S - 4M<br>
S - 9M<br><br>
Proposed Total Mileage: 27 miles

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So far:<br><br>
M - 1 (plus weights and bike)<br>
T - 5.6<br>
W - 2.8 (plus weights and bike)<br>
Th - 6.2<br>
F - 8 planned<br>
S - ??<br>
S - ??<br><br>
Still just trying to build mileage up - been doing good keeping it at about 30 - 35 the past few weeks.<br><br>
Hoping to have my official training plan in place and started on 12/30.

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M - 15.5 (LAT workout) + 40 minutes Cross + Weights<br>
T - Easy 8 + 40 minutes cross<br>
W - 18.5 with 15x30 sec @ 5k + 30 minutes cross + weights<br>
TH - 8 easy + 30 minutes cross + Weights<br>
F - 14 (Lat Workout) + 40 minutes cross + Weights<br><br>
SA - 8 Easy + 30 minutes cross + Weights<br>
SU - 20-22 Easy + 30 minutes cross + Weights<br><br>
Mileage 92-94 miles + 4 hours cross + 6x weights<br><br>
This will be the 5th week post injury (12 week layoff). MPW 51,65,82,85 and now 92-94 - next week will be a step back week of some sort - Likely 70-80 miles.<br><br>
Good running to all -
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