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Half-Marathon Training, 12-24 thru 12-30

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Since <b>LitchTim</b> hasn't started a thread up, I guess I'll say what's up with me.<br><br>
Did 27 miles last week, my highest weekly total in about 8 weeks. I was helped a lot by the simple fact I got in all 4 runs last week, weather in prior weeks had taken out some runs and I had to replace those with other cardio activities like walking or using the exercise bike.<br><br>
I'm taking an easy recovery sort of week this week, but will likely do a 5K race on Sunday.<br><br>
Ran about 5 miles yesterday and took it very easy, with an average heart rate of 135 bpm for the whole run, about 133 bpm over the second half of the run. I'd like to do most of my running over the next 4 or 5 weeks with my heart rate down under 142 bpm. It's a bit boring to do it that way, but it's good for the base aerobic fitness and easier on the muscles and joints.
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May I jump in? I have a half on March 15 and started training this week. I have a goal of getting a pr and an ambitious goal of finishing in 1:50. My PR (6 years old) is 1:54:50.<br><br>
This week for speed I did 6 miles fartlek. Tomorrow because I am travelling, I will put in a 10 mile long run. The other days will be easy. I'll be five days in New Haven, CT, and am nervous about cold and snow.
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