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I'm a Clif fan so I have no idea if this is a decent deal or not...<br><br>
2 cases of 24<br><br><i><b>Gu Engery Gel 2 Cases of 24 with shipping, $50.00<br></b><br>
You can work up a big hunger on long days on the ski hill, in the backcountry, or hiking. Its nice to have something to keep your energy up but won't weigh you down. Gu Energy Gel packets are an easy to carry around source of energy. They come in all kinds of great flavors. Don't bonk! It takes the fun out of enjoying the outdoors. Pick up a couple of cases today and be ready for when you hit the wall.<br><br><b>If you want two different flavors please indicate in the order notes.</b><br></i><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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