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<b>Frankie</b> - as far as 1. it could be any number of things, but perhaps it was something that was always there but wasn't as huge an issue as compared to another problematical area. Once you got the main problematical area cleared up, this one is now the predominant one.<br><br>
For me, my right-side ITB was always the issue. Perhaps by focusing all attention on my right-side ITB, it grew more ready to handle stresses than the left side ITB over time, which led to my first-ever left-side flare up in April<br><br>
As far as 2. it might be worth a shot. I've found that being in tri-training mode while in ITBS recovery mode and keeping it up has made my running feel less demanding. The massage therapist I visit now said that's not surprising, because I'm not re-using the same muscle groups over and over again.<br><br>
Hey <b>Beaker</b>, this <a href="" target="_blank">ART website</a> will give you more details about the method.<br><br>
I'll vouch for it myself. It essentially took only one hour of ART to get my really screwed-up left-ITB back to normal; it flared up with ITBS during an April trail run and was exacerbated severely when I ran the Flying Pig HM 3 weeks later.<br><br>
He started work on my right shoulder this week, which is wayyy screwed up (I have to take care in throwing things like baseballs real hard or I'll dislocate it; I also partially tore a front muscle shoulder ligament doing push-ups a few years back). After only 15 minutes of the stuff, it feels way better than it has since I can't remember when.
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