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The ART practitioner I went to discovered a bunch of scar tissue in my left hip, and nasty trigger points in my lower left back in the spot you're describing (I think) on your right. I've had horrible back pain in that spot a few times. What did I go to ART for? ITBS on the right side.<br><br>
The practitioner explained that the junk on the left side (especially the hip) was affecting my stride, and since I didn't get full rotation, put even more strain on the right ITB. So it's likely that your left ITBS and right pains are related. And likely that you have an underlying issue that's caused all of it.<br><br>
I got a lot of benefit out of the few ART appointments I went to, just need to look for a new practitioner. And stretching is great. He sent me an email with some really good stretches for ITBS and getting better rotation in the hip joint. If you want to PM me with your email address, I'll send them to you later.<br><br>
(P.S.: this is the perfect spot for this thread.)
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