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Its much harder to run someone elses pace th en your own - I respect pacers even more than I used to.<br><br>
Goal was to run a 7:15-7:30 1st mile - be on 7:15 pace 2-5 miles - build up a 45 second cushion when we hit mile 17 - as we had 5 miles into the wind. then to run the group in in 3:09:35 - 3:09:50<br><br>
It was 38 - 40F and 10-12 mph winds Brrr.<br><br>
I new I had 2 people, and hoped for at least 6. Wow was I suprised when I had at least 20 people around me at the start and we had a tight pack all the way to @ mile 20.<br><br>
1st miles was downhill and wind at out back - I though we were @ 7:15 ish as it was an easy mile it was 7:01 according to my watch = 6:56 as we had 5 second delay between gun an chip time - damn it - ... can't dwell on the past - lets get the next mile closer.<br><br>
with a 10-12 MPH wind - I ran a fairly even effort, but the miles were not as consistent as I would have liked. I did run about 20-25 seconds faster in the 1st half than I would have liked.<br><br>
My watch<br>
10-7:12 (1:12:05 - 25 seconds ahead of pace)<br>
11-7:04 (Wind withus -mile 16)<br>
17-7:17 (Wind in face)<br>
18-7:22 (River trail into wind to 22)<br>
23-7:10 (Wind at backs - I meant to run a 7:15 as people are tired)<br>
24-7:29 (trying to bring in the group - still 12-15 strong)<br>
25-7:08 (Wind at back - damn it - It didn't feel like a 7:08 - lost a lot of the group)<br>
26-7:38 (slowed down and worked with the 2-3 people around me to get them in under 3:10)<br>
Final time 3:09:44-3:09:39 chip.<br><br>
Looking at results - I think 7 of the 20 broke 3:10 and another 4 broke 3:10:59 (BQ)<br><br>
With the wind I was OK with all of the miles except #1 and # 25 - This pacing thing is harder than it looks. There were @ 3 more miles that I wish were about 5 seconds slower. All-in-All it was a good experience for me - I pray it was decent for the group. I had about 10 thank yous after - I hope that doen't mean 10 people weren't happy.

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You came in within 1 minute either side of the goal. You can't do much better than that. There are almost always a few runners that will line up with a pacer too fast for them just to see how far they can hang on in hopes of getting a better time.<br><br>
There is nothing unusual with a pacer starting out with 20 and ending up with only 1-5 people at the end and being on pace. Your splits were not off enough to cause anyone who has truly trained for a 3:10 pace to have any problems. You did very well.

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I agree with GRR. Chances are 9 of the 10 were out of their range to begin with. Looking at your splits, it looks like an even "effort" the slower ones are easy to tell when you guys hit the headwind on the trail.<br><br>
1st mile. eeh, I don't think you were wrong, my belief is the marker came fast. Looks like you've done good<img alt="notworthy.gif" src=""><br><br>
I'll give you a virtual <img alt="surprised.gif" src="">ccasion5:
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