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I'm watching "The Longest Day," the greatest war movie of all time. I don't think anyone would argue against calling "The Godfather" the greatest gangster movie of all time. Some might call it the best movie period. But can you pick a "greatest movie" for other genres?<br><br>
The greatest western of all time? And the greatest romantic comedy of all time? Comedy? Action movie? Scary movie? Other genre?<br><br>
Are there generally accepted "best" in these genres?

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Funny I wouldn't have given the Longest Day my vote for best war picture. Some jokingly call it the longest cameo. ;D<br><br>
I'm too wishy washy to say such and such movie is the "Best". Many would call the Wild Bunch the "best" Western. I'd say its good, but not the best. I'm partial to the Magnificent Seven, the Man Who Shot Liberty Vallence, and Unforgiven, but I'm sure there's a bunch of others I can't think of.<br><br>
Same with Action flicks. 1st Die Hard was good. I thought Aliens was up there. The 5th Element had lots of good stuff. What was that Schwartznegger spy flick with Tom Arnold? That's pretty good.

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Greatest war movie is either Apocalypse Now or The Best Years of Our Lives (which is really a post war movie, but still).<br><br>
Greatest musical: West Side Story<br>
Greatest cult movie: Harold and Maude

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Greatest Female Action Movie: Long Kiss Goodnight and Kill Bill, Volume's 1 & 2<br><br>
Greatest Whodunnit: The Usual Suspects<br><br>
Greatest Line from a movie: "What we have here, is a failure to communicate" from Cool Hand Luke<br><br>
IMHO. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">

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Greatest gangster movie: Godfather II (yeah thats right I said II)<br><br>
Greatest horror movie: The Exorcist.<br><br>
Greatest comedy: hmmm.... not sure. My personal fave is There's Something About Mary.<br><br>
Greatest thriller movie: Jaws.<br><br>
Best action flick: I like the Matrix and I love Point Break. and Die Hard. so....Ill give it to Point Break.<br><br>
Greatest prison break: Can't decide: The Shawshank Redemption or Coolhand Luke.<br><br>
Greatest Sci-fi: hmmm....Aliens is great. Star Wars maybe.<br><br>
Best 'buddy' movie: I liked Lethal Weapon.<br><br>
Best western (not the motel chain): so many to choose from. I'm partial to John Wayne of course so I'll go with: El Dorado. (or Rio Bravo. Like Chili Palmer said in Get Shorty, 'they're the same movie basically except dean martin plays the drunk sherrif in el dorado while robert mitchum plays the drunk sherriff in Rio Bravo.') Of course Clint has some great westerns also.<br><br>
Best animation: I love Finding Nemo.<br><br><br><br>
Of course these are all just personal opinions.<br><br>
That's all I've got.<br><br>
Best bicycling movie: Breaking Away.<br>
Best football movie: Remember the Titans.<br>
Best submarine movie: I'll take 'Crimson Tide' over 'The Hunt For Red October'. It's close though.<br>
Best war movie: hmmm....I love the 1st half of Full Metal Jacket, 2nd half was kind of weak though.<br>
I'm so bored right now.
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