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Good Thursday Morning

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<p>I have pretty much given up on my goal of getting otu the door for a run at 5 am.  I keep losing the battle with the snooze button.</p>
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<p>HJ- have a great trip!</p>
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<p>Last night was a very not good night for me and Zoe. She was up for HOURS last night. Just up, wide awake. Talking, singing, etc. Lovely. Don't think I will even be able to muster a run today.</p>
<p>Porty- i think i did it in socks. They are not hot at all. i hope they help!</p>
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<p>We have decided that cosleeping is for us for now. We have a crib sidecarred to the bed, which means we took a crib, took one side off of it and attached it to the bed, so she starts the night off in there. I think I would get much less sleep if she was in her own room. At least i can sort of not wake up completely, well, except for episodes like last night. I do love my Zoe cuddles though, I will admit <span><img alt="love4.gif" src=""></span></p>
<p>Jebba-- the debate now is if it is time to start nightweaning. I will talk about it at La Leche in 2 weeks and get their advice. :( I did tell her last night that booby went night night and she was hysterical and I just held her and comforted her. Once before I had to do that after HOURS of nursing at night and just goofing around and she cried for a minute then fell asleep in my arms. I am not sure what was up last night. It was an odd night. I know the nightweaning is hard. I am ok with the twice a night feedings, when they are fast and i barely wake up for them, that is a HUGE accomplishment. At 1yo, she was waking 8-10 times a night to nurse and using the "No Cry Sleep Solution" I got it down to 2-3. Sigh. It is hard. I am very AP in my parenting and it is hard when she cries even though I am there comforting her. Now as she is getting older, it is harder with gentle discipline and to say no, but we do and it is not always pretty. who knew temper tantrums were innate!?!?!?!?! LOL</p>
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